Developer portal

This portal is a key component of full lifecycle API management solution, specially designed for implementation and technology partners, for wide communication within developer community and for everyone, who wants to maximize and broaden the capabilities of open platform system and use Empirica APIs to tailor own enhancements. Explore ways communicating static content, such as API documentation, installation practices, enhancement points, or community-contributed content such as blogs, forums and FAQ.

Empirica Web API

We continuously publish new API’s, that you can use in order to read Empirica business data, create or change Empirica business objects.

Based on simple REST principles, our web API endpoints return data in JSON format from the Empirica components. Below you can find API documentation for Empirica Components.

Empirica Core component APIs cover:

  • master data management
  • business partners
  • contracts management
  • product catalogue
  • billing and invoicing
  • collections
  • interaction

You can learn more about these APIs below.

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Market Communication Tool (MCT) secures data exchange between the user and other market participants, most commonly DSO, and is responsible for creating and processing messages according to local regulations. API for creation and processing of market data exchange are part of this library.

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Empirica Stream Data Management (SDM) ensures complete Energy Data Management and provides energy data (consumption, performance, peaks), including extrapolations and billing. It is ready to store data from smart metering devices and it provides energy data for any other applications through API.

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